About Us

The idea to open Oscy’s ventured from me seeing a gap in the market in Gungahlin for a good Burger Restaurant. Being a popular food offering, combined with a good vibe and unique fit-out, I felt like taking it upon myself to seize the opportunity of the gap in the market and start Oscy’s. I spent time touring the States and seeing their Burger Restaurant offerings and single handily created our menu from scratch.

Our vision is the create a restaurant offering the best burgers, American style food and vibe in Canberra. A place where you came come with your friends.

Our values are quality food (I don’t cut any corners with food, ensuring I purchase the highest quality ingredients regardless of the price. In other words, I’ll sacrifice my bottom line in order to create the perfect burger, each and every time.


Our promise is that you’ll get the best vibe and even better burgers.

Oscy’s Burgers is Canberra’s number 1 establishment for all your burger needs. Oscy’s is a family run business that was established in 2017. The name stems from my eldest son, Oscy, and we wanted to name the business after him to make the business even more sentimental. We thrive on not being just your ordinary burger café. The business model and menu has been thoughtfully created, and is constantly reviewed and evolving to ensure we keep our promise – being the best vibe and even better burgers.


  • orders@oscys.com.au
  • 0431 622 499
  • Shop 39, 30 Hibberson Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912